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Looking for an end to your muscle pain? Our massage therapy clinic in Bedford, NH focuses on getting you pain-free as quickly as possible and without drugs. Nearly all of our patients feel their pain diminish or disappear after their very first treatment. Long-term, complicated pain issues may take significantly longer. But our goals are the same as yours: Reduce or eliminate your pain as soon as possible.

Preventive Maintenance – Incredibly Important

Many patients have postural problems without pain. Manchester-Bedford Myoskeletal will help you with these, too. We specialize in working with skeletal alignment, posture, and dysfunctional movement patterns before pain begins to affect your life.

How Can We Help You?

Postural problems and muscle compensation can cause you pain. Our techniques aim to improve your posture and correct muscle compensation, thereby preventing pain from happening later on or by changing the way your brain perceives the pain you have now.

Our goal is to search out and reduce or eliminate the causes of your muscle pain using specialized assessment and massage techniques.  You will work to retrain and strengthen the soft tissues of your body to get rid of compensations which create and allow muscle pain to occur. We educate YOU on how to do this at home so you can become pain-free sooner and more permanently. And in so doing, we make every effort to realign your skeleton to maintain your healthy body. Click this link to learn more about how we work.

People come to Manchester-Bedford Myoskeletal with all kinds of muscle aches and pain. Some common complaints we have treated with success are listed below. Do you or anyone you know have any of the following conditions, with or without pain?
forward neck

  • Forward head and/or forward neck posture, slumped shoulders, caved chest, “winged” shoulder blades, a pronounced curve in the spine of the upper back (hyperkyphosis). These are typical of Upper Crossed Syndromelower crossed syndrome


Read more about common problems and diagnosed conditions and pathologies Manchester-Bedford Myoskeletal LLC can help with.

Why Are We This Way?
Bedford massage for flexion addiction

In a big way, society is to blame. We are a flexion-addicted society and it shows. Worldwide research says the most significant reason for loss of work is back pain! Take a look at the posture of people around you and you’ll see why.

Furthermore, not all our patients have posture problems. Life happens and it happens to everyone. Muscle strains from sports, working out, carrying kids, laptops, shoulder bags, working at a desk every day, spending a lot of time on smartphones, accidents, injuries, slips, trips and falls, poor sleeping habits, eyestrain, stress and anxiety, emotional overloads, etc. We are all susceptible to these kinds of muscle pain just going about our daily lives. We don’t have to live with the pain. Don’t buy into the hype of taking OTC meds to mask your pain symptoms. Get out of pain without drugs!

Look in the mirror!

I see crooked people everywhere; most don’t even know why they have pain. Most don’t realize their muscle imbalances are compensating, and thereby contribute to their aches and pains. CrossFit and other fitness enthusiasts may not realize certain inhibited muscles affect their form, efficiency, and function. Our Bedford, NH massage therapy clinic can help reduce or eliminate your functional postural pain and muscle dysfunction and get you back to living life.

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I See Crooked People...

I See Crooked People…

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