Myoskeletal Massage

How Does Myoskeletal Work Help You?

Our myoskeletal work addresses functional causes of misalignment in the skeletal system. The body is intended to be balanced for most efficient use of its control and energy systems. When the body is misaligned, imbalances occur in the soft tissue and, in turn, may result in loss of or diminished function, restriction in range of motion, tension in the dural and neural networks, degenerative effects in joints, and so on. Research shows that poor posture does not always cause pain, but it can in many people due to imbalances. Likewise, good posture does not always avoid pain. Our intent is to improve and maintain function where posture has resulted in reducing or limiting function.

What Myoskeletal Work Improves

In general, any type of postural type problems which have functional origins may be helped or resolved through myoskeletal work. Unfortunately, structurally-originating problems have not had the success that functional concerns have had to date in resolving posture. However, myoskeletal alignment may improve the structural framework to some minor degree and possibly lessen pain associated with structural complications.

Examples of functional problems seen at MBM are: