Our favorite testimonials are the ones patients see when they observe differences in their posture, range of motion, and reduction of pain.  Our favorite ranters are patients who tell their family, friends, and co-workers who have problems we might be able to help them with and those people come see us.  Indeed, people really appreciate receiving word-of-mouth referrals about our clinic and we appreciate all patients do for us in that regard.  Next favorite is hearing from them in writing, and that’s what this page is dedicated to – their words verbatim.

Testimonials listed below are unedited except where personal information was inadvertently included.  However, we also recognize patients may wish to review Manchester-Bedford Myoskeletal online elsewhere.  That’s great! We’re listed with Google Places, Wellness.com, Angie’s List, and other places on the web and you are encouraged to review us.  We do ask that if you plan to write a negative review, please let us try to resolve your complaint in private first.

Thank you!

* I attribute my rapid progress to Joel’s comprehensive knowledge, keen problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. He listened carefully to my history and concerns, educated me about my condition, and formulated a treatment plan that addressed my goals very successfully. Joel consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for his client’s comfort and progress. His desire to help people with his skills is evident both in conversation and by his pursuit of specialized training.
– A.C., Bedford, NH

* I went with a specific area that needed attention to relieve a complicated spasm. Joel is professional, knowledgeable, and I am so pleased with the results. It’s easy to make appointments with the on line appointment feature and Joel responds quickly to emails. I was comfortable and confident in his care right from the beginning and extremely pleased with the process and outcome of my treatment by Joel. He was open to my concerns and put me at ease about providing feedback. Spasms are gone too!
– Otter, Concord, NH

* Joel was very professional and knowledgeable. He focused on my areas of tension, as well as finding areas I didn’t even know were tense. The massage was very relaxing and I would recommend Joel to others looking to relieve pain and stress.
– A.A., Manchester, NH

* Joel, I’ve had the hardest time trying to get rid of almost debilitating headaches and muscle pain in my neck and back…tried everything. Finally I went to you and headaches stopped and my back hasn’t hurt at all in three months since! Thank you, thank you!
– K.W., Old Orchard Beach, ME

* Joel is a gentle, strong, skilled professional. I feel very comfortable with him and perfectly safe.
– S.M., C. Elizabeth, ME

* Taking the time to drive up to you made all the difference in the world…. No one’s ever gotten rid of the tightness in my shoulder and I’ve been to [many practitioners and doctors] over the past two years. I recommend you to EVERYBODY!
– E.W., Franklin, ME

* Thank you for working with me these past several months. When you started working on me, we didn’t know what was causing me so much pain. But you treated me as if you knew all along and made my living with fibromyalsia so much easier. I’ll miss our sessions when you move.
– P.B., Blenheim, SC

* Your work on my neck feels great even two weeks later. Feels like you’ve lengthened my neck, it’s so easy to turn it now…and no aspirin ever since I saw you! I feel great. Thanks!
– K.C., South Portland, ME

* Thanks, Joel. Great work on my wrists and hands. You’re a lifesaver.
– Dr. J.S., Pinehurst, NC

* Joel, I took you up on a discounted massage you had offered to my husbands work and I’m so glad I did. I went back and told everybody in his office to go to you!
– D.L., Saco, ME

* Joel listens and really cares about helping his clients feel not just better, but also wonderful.
– S.M., Cape Elizabeth, ME

* You did a lot of work on me at the [local B&B] while we were visiting and I just wanted you to know that we come here every couple of months and you’re going to be my first call every time!
– M.L., Charleston, SC

* Now I see why the patients we refer to you are so happy with your work! Thanks for helping me with migraines!
– L.P., Cheraw, SC (Physical Therapy office)

* Joel, I can’t tell you how great your massage felt at the time I had it, but know what? It still feels great a week later!
– C.G., Stuart, FL